Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Evening everyone

Still with a London theme I'm afraid – but I do have a reason for these....

I wanted to make some thank you cards for the 3 people that organised and managed to raise enough money on Tuesday through the Jubilee Fun Day at our Community building – so when I saw this sheet while browsing a site I thought it would be perfect...

So the sheet was bought from and was designed by Lisa Weider

I sat and cut out all 3 last night while watching television and then as I was up again throughout the night I got the decoupage made up – I used tiny double sided sticky pads.

And so this afternoon I started to make up the 3 cards

As they were all the same design I decided to just make 3 the same – but changed the back ground slightly on each one!

I used 6x6 scallop edged cards for all 3

On the 1st card I used Permanent Red PanPastel to cover the whole of the card front then added the image to it

I added a clear with gold edge holographic peel off border to make a frame around the card and then pierced a hole in the top left corner to slot 3 small pieces of red, white and blue satin ribbon, this was left to dangle – secured at the back with clear tape.

For the 2nd card I used Permanent Red PanPastel to cover the whole card front and again secured the base image using double sided tape.

I plaited red, white and blue satin ribbon together and tied the ends with a piece of narrow white ribbon – this was then attached to the spine edge of the card using red double sided tape.

And then to the 3rd card – this time I used the Permanent Red PanPastel to cover the top left corner of the card – left a white stripe from top right to bottom left corner and then used the Permanent Red PanPastel to cover the bottom right hand corner. The main image was then stuck to the card front centrally and just like the 1st card I used a peel off border – this time it was a dark blue wavy line with gold edge.

To embellish the cards I did the same on them all – using a Sakura quickie glue pen I highlighted the rim of the hat, the sleeve edge, ruffle along the bottom of the tee shirt and shorts and then the white lines of the flag – sprinkled with Glamour Dust and what a pretty card it left!!!

See you tomorrow folks...


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  1. Lovely Angie!!
    Good idea about changing the background :)