Saturday, 16 June 2012



Today I am not sharing a card with you – for two reasons!

The first is yesterday I had an appointment with the pharmacist at the pain clinic and to cut a long story short seems for past 5 years I have been on meds that need to be supported with other meds – needless to say I haven't had those supports!

So she prescribed me with 3 new meds to start immediately – one of which was highly likely to help me sleep – those of you who know me will know at times I am lucky to have around 2 hours sleep a night

I collected the meds but didn't much a great deal of faith into them working

Took 2 of the 3 during the day as instructed and the last is to be taken approx 2 hours before bedtime

Now I never know when I will hit the sack cos it depends on how sleepy I feel but last night I took the pill around 10pm and I did go to bed at 12.30am – now I cant even recall Pete coming to bed yet when I walked into the bedroom he was going into the bathroom so guess my head hit the pillow and zapped me!!!

Other than 2 or 3 times up for loo break and to check on the babies it was straight back to bed and sleep and in the end it was around 12.40pm when I got up – I was truly amazed!!!

And now to the 2nd reason – the baby ferrets!!!

I put them into a box yesterday then last night we set up a heat light for them – I got them all comfy on a fluffy towel and they didn't move all night long!!!

When I walked into the craft room when I got up they were scampering about with poor Wil the black Lurcher rounding them up and keeping them all safe!

They were sooo very noisy today too – so I opened a tin of kitten food and put it on the floor – take about scramble! They ran as fast as their little legs would take them and tucked in to the food as though they had never eaten before – I feel so much better now as it had been 24 hours with no food and the only fluid was the little milk I managed to get into them with a syringe

So today they have slept for a while then I had them out the box and running around the floor – they are now eating really well – I am struggling still to get drinks down them but with the last of their food I poured some milk over and they left the dish empty so I know now they have had food and drink!

The noise they make is incredible for 7 tiny creatures!

I am sharing the piccies from today – there are some lovely ones

Back to a card tomorrow folks!

Hope to see you then


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