Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ello ello ello


Well as promised a card I made up yesterday!

This is from a kit bought from card making downloads

It is called Boys In Blue and is designed by Card Buddies

As with a lot of the kits by Card Buddies there are loads of pages to print – this kit had the 2 for the envelope, the main card, the insert, a backing paper, a decoupage sheet and a sheet with assorted sentiments and ages!

So after decided which insert I wanted – I opted for a Birthday – I printed all the sheets onto 128gsm matt photo paper and began the task of cutting it all out!

For the main card I only cut roughly as I stuck this to a sheet of white card stock using Crafters Companion Stick & Stay glue – then cut it out properly!

I never have success 1st time with these lovely shaped cards – I get them al cut out and when I fold in half they never quite match up so have to snip and trim to fit!

So once I was happy with the card itself I attached the insert – again I cut it out, folded in half and tidied up the edges then attached with a small strip of double sided tape to the centre of the fold side – on the top and the bottom – I know some people just stick one side – some use a full length of tape – so it really is a matter of personal choice here.

On to the decoupage – this was big chunky pieces so nice and easy to cut out and of course to stick down – I used big sticky pads and just cut them up to fit smaller areas

The top layers were shaped before the sticky pads were added.

Once the decoupage was complete I stuck on the sentiment – it was just a plain and simple police saying – Hello Hello Hello!

For embellishments – well nothing much was needed so used glossy accents on the badge, pompom and band of the helmet, his nose, belt buckle and shoes!

I finished by adding 3 very tiny pale blue buttons to the jacket using Pinflair Gel

The envelope was simply cut both pieces and score where indicated – then use double sided tape to attach the 2 pieces together.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the jolly policeman

See you tomorrow folks


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