Friday, 8 June 2012

Birthday Dreams...


Today I was unsure as to whether I should be sharing my good news or a card...

So decided to just tell you quickly the good news and go on to share a card!!!!

So to the good news....every month I take part in a challenge hosted by Debbees Cds – I send the sheets on to my class ladies and usually get 3 - 5 of them making their card to enter – well for the May comp I was really last minute – undecided as to if I should join or not 0 then felt bad that I encourage the class ladies to join in so I made my effort and submitted it

Last night I saw there had been an update to the site so went on and was delighted to see I was announced as the winner!!!

I was told to chose a cd from Debs vast catalogue!!! Today I had a lovely email from Debs!

"Morning Angie and thank you!
You were an easy winner.. you really beat everyone else hands down!”

So that's the news dealt with – in case you are interested you can go back through the archives to find my entry!

And on to the card for today....

This was a card I was asked to make for a neighbour – she sent me a message through facebook to ask if I could do her a special card for a 1 year old but it was short notice – of course I said yes!!!

I printed out a lovely kit – it was a Giant Easel Tableau Kit called Birthday Dreams and designed by Valerie Dawes – this was bought from Crafts You Print some time ago so it was lovely to have the chance to make it

Have to say the kit is a little odd to set an age to – the fairy is quite old looking but then the animals and cute and baby like – so I thought I would make the kit then decided if it was suitable – I am pleased to say – yes it is!!!

So for the kit I had to print out 6 sheets – that's a lot of printing to make just one card isn't it?

I matted several of the sections onto pink card stock as they need to be substantial to stand upright for any length of time.

There was a huge amount of cutting out and some very tricky and time consuming areas – like the rope ladders – I had to cut that out 3 times in all – not easy – and even harder to build up without showing the foam....had to admit defeat in a couple of places cos try as I did I just couldnt do it without the tiny sections showing through!!!

To make the stand up sections string enough to support the design I added a piece of card to the stand and stuck it under the base with red double sided tape!

The little girl is called Danielle so I added her name is pretty pink glitter peel off letters and put 1st onto the Happy Birthday cloud

Although the card folds down to a reasonable size I had to make an envelope for it so used a sheet of 14x14 white card stock – then when the envelope was all cut, scored and folded in place I stuck a sheet of pink patterned backing paper inside to line it – and finish it off nicely

Glamour Dust glitter was used to highlight the sheep, clouds and fairy and gold glitter to highlight the crown, star and giraffe.

A verse was printed onto the base panel to finish

When my neighbour called to collect the card she was chuffed to bits with it and gave me orders for 3 more cards!!

Result or what!!!

Catch you again tomorrow I hope....


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