Friday, 22 June 2012

Beauty Salon


I am sharing a card I made for the salon where I have my nails done

This came about one day when I was playing with My Craft Studio this is something I had always avoided as told myself I couldn't get to grips with it

Then I spotted the shop fronts cd and straight away decided to have a play with it

And what better way to use what I created than to personalise it and give to Teresa – who – after 4 or 5 appointments – we found we were in the same year at school – in the same groups for lots of subjects too!!

What a small world...

To make the card I printed out the beauty salon and added Greenways Beauty to the sign-age

Teresa is pink crazy – the inside of the salon is predominately pink and she even drives a pink car – so naturally I had to use pink on the shop wherever possible

After printing the sheets I stuck them direct to card to strengthen sections

Have to say these aren't as straight forward to make as they first appear – I don't know if that's just me being dim though.....

I cut out the shop front and added a piece of acetate to act as a window – inside the shop I added signs here and there that were significant to Teresa

The roof had all score and fold lines but they just didn't quite fit right so took a lot of fiddling about with – but I got there in the end then realised after fitting it I should have fitted the scalloped blind first so had to carefully remove the roof – typically I tore it – but did manage to cover it up with out it being noticeable I hope!!!

I added candy cane stickles to one set of trees and pretty pink AB gems to the other set.

The Greenways Beauty was coloured with Victorian Velvet ink pad by Tim Holtz and then attached just above the canopy.

Pink glitter was used on the stripes of the canopy to make it stand out

To finish I stuck the shop to the inside of an A5 card blank so it could stand on her counter – I added a lamp post and an advertising board to finish!

Not everyone's cup of tea – but Teresa loved it – this was the start of card orders from her and she also agreed to have a basket of cards on show as all proceeds will be for charity!!!

Catch you tomorrow I hope


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