Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lavender Scalloped Card

Hi again

Today's card is made from a kit that was purchased from and is called Lavender Scalloped Card Kit, and it was designed by Sammy aka scrapbookingmad

This kit consists of 2 different backing papers, 2 sheets for the envelope, a sheet of assorted tags, a main card, main insert and a sheet with the pyramid layers

Have to say I wasn't overly happy with the kit as had to print the main card and the envelope front several times as they came through as so faint it was like printing as draft quality – in the end I had to print – reprint – and reprint again on the same sheet to get a decent look...

I roughly trimmed the main card sheet then sprayed with Crafters Companion stick and stay and stuck this to a sheet of A4 lilac card stock, added a sheet of backing to the reverse – then cut it out, scored and folded – my base card complete.

I decided to stick the sheet of pyramid layers to card stock too as I thought they would fit better on the front knowing the tags slipped into them – I thought without the card backing the tags could end up tearing the paper pockets

So once stuck to card I cut out all the pieces – including the 2 chosen tags – both were supplied with the kit but I added the name Joan to one as this is a card order for my good friend Ann.

To make the card up was pretty straight forward – its just a case of glueing each pocket on top of the other ensuring an opening was left unstuck so the tags could be slipped in.

I found a lilac button, threaded a piece of lilac ribbon through it and tied in a knot before cutting the ends at an angle – the button was attached to the card back with silicone glue.

The insert was left blank as Ann had requested that – she wants the card as a general card so a verse wasn't needed. It gives plenty of free writing space now.

I edged the scallops and the text on the tags with lilac glitter using a quickie glue pen – I know the photographs look untidy with the glitter but they were taken before the glue had dried so I didn't brush off the excess in fear I would smudge the glitter

Now its all dried I have used a large soft blusher brush to remove all loose glitter for the card and tags

As I mentioned earlier I was asked to make this card by my friend Ann – I had made a card for her to send to her aunt Joan in the past so she thought it might be nice to send her one with a Lavender theme...

I hope you like the card Ann

And of course all you lovely people who kindly follow my blog!

Thanks for dropping by

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