Thursday, 21 June 2012

Victorian Rose


Today's card is one of the fab giant easel tableau kits

It came from and was designed by talented Valerie Dawes

This kit is called Victorian Rose Easel

I have joined a few groups on facebook lately and Aly's Crafty Den was running a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) swap so naturally I just had to sign up!

So the idea is I make a card of my choice and send on to the person who was picked to be my partner – this time a lady called Yvonne – and Yvonne makes a card and sends it to me – its lovely when something nice drops through the door...

So I printed out all the sheets and then used Crafters Companion Stick & Stay to stick 3 of the sheets to pink card stock

Then it was down to the cutting out

I must say these kits have endless amounts of decoupage so if you don't like cutting decoupage I would give these a wide berth!

Although they look quite complicated they are in fact very easy to make up

Or could it be because I have made around 15 so far I just do it without thinking???

After all pieces were cut out I built the decoupage using tiny sticky pads – on the pretty perfume bottle I was a little disappointed that I had taken so much care to cut out the very thin piece that attached the squeeze bulb to the bottle – only to find I had to add a dab of glue to hold it against the bottle or it just hung down and I know would have fallen off!

Other than that it went together perfectly

On the For You panel at the top of the card it had a rose pin printed on so I used a hat pin with a pink flower decoration in its place.

I did think of glittering sections of the card but just could not decide where to do it as the roses didn't really need it – so in the end I used Crafters Companion Glitter Spray and caught the whole of the card!!!

I added a little ditty I wrote myself to the base of the card then made an envelope for it to go in using the Crafters Companion Enveloplus board and 14x14 card stock

Its all packed ready for the post tomorrow – just hope my RAK partner likes it as much as I do...

Will let you know when I hear back from her...

See you tomorrow folks....


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  1. Love my card and will be keeping it on display in my craft room. Yours is having the final touches added to it and will be on it's way on Monday.