Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sweet Memories


Before I go any further I will just add that the super storage solution is still a work in progress!!!

Its in sections part built now but still only ¼ the way there I would guess!

Right then – today's card and its another of the GET – Giant Easel Tableau kits from craftsuprint and designed by Valerie Dawes

This kit is called Sweet Memories

The only reason I have this one done is I was searching through a huge bag of magazines I brought home after my stay with Jae in April and there were several of the GET kits all printed out so I sat and cut them all out last night and made this one up today

If anyone asks for it at least its all made and if not it will simply sit in my box of ready made cards

As I said this kit was already printed so the main parts had been printed direct to card so this made it easier than the way I do them!

Everything was cut out and then the decoupage was built up using a small but thick sticky pads and the top most pieces were slightly shaped before fitting in place.

I had to print a verse onto normal paper then stick the panel to it and cut out again then coloured the outer edge with lilac ink pad to take away the whiteness of it.

I added large deep burgundy sticky backed gems to the wreathe and highlighted all the flower sections with a quickie glue pen and sprinkled with glamour dust

Just a boxalope to make for it now

See you next time and you never know I may even have the Super Storage Solution made up and in use....just don't hold your breathe!


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  1. If no-one else wants it can I have this one please!