Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cherish Every Moment

I had a browse through a few cds this morning before I went off to class looking for something to do
In the end I printed several different sheets and papers from the fab Debbi Moore Shabby Chic Mechanical cd
Didn't really have anything in mind so took along a selection of card stock, 5 or 6 coloured ink pads and loads of stamps
Once at class I started cutting out then WHAM – a brick wall!
I just had no idea at all as to what I was going to do
I decided I didn't like the papers
Then I wasn't happy with the colour of the card stock I'd taken
The stamps weren't really what I wanted...
So I did nothing
I came home, unpacked the stuff – looked at it all – and went off to sit in the sun!
So I was pretty sure I wouldn't have anything at all to share tonight
BUT thanks to Orange and the appalling please hold the line rubbish I made a start!
This is my card and how I made it.....
Using 2 sheets of grey card I cut them down to create an 8x8 card blank
Next I found a sheet of matt silver mirri card so added a layer of it leaving a very narrow border.
Because I was going for a steam punk card I used a sanding block to distress the edges of the mirri card leaving a white core.
I had an odd sheet of black pearlescent paper so I roughly tore a square to fit on my card then rubbed my versamark pad along the 4 sides randomly, covered with silver metal magic by Debbi Moore and heated from the back
Again I used the versamark pad on the the outer edges and this time covered with matt black metal magic – heated it and got a really distressed look which works perfectly!
I attached the paper to my card front with double sided tape – I put it at an angle rather than lining it up
As I had cut out 3 or 4 different sheets I wasn't really sure which bits went with what so choose a large circular design that had Time Changes written on it and a smaller circle with Time is your making on it
I glued the larger circle to the top left and over lapped the smaller circle
A 3rd circle was a similar design to what was on the largest so I rubbed it all over with the versamark pad then covered with UTEE – ultra thick embossing enamel – heated from the back and repeated the process 3 times so it had a beautiful glaze
This was then stuck over the 2 circles with cosmic shimmer PVA glue
I used one of the sentiment ribbons Cherish every moment – this was placed at an angle tucked just under the 3rd circle.
To finish I found a small cog that I pushed a screw design brad through and attached in the bottom right hand corner and the top left corner shows a circular blob that I again used a screw design brad in!
Have to say it worked out pretty well in the end – well through my eyes it did!
Till the next time then.....

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