Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Lilac Birthday


I had a fairly good nights sleep last night – but woke with a start when I heard a dog barking – frightened me to death even though I was safe in the house – I'm sure it will take quite some time to get over it..

I had all thoughts of making cards this weekend but then our plans don't always go as we would want them to...and mine have strayed well off track

Instead I set about sorting out this place I lovingly call my craft room – it looks pretty tidy most of the time but I know it is far from it

So I started by taking all the lovely storage boxes off two shelves – and yikes – I knew it was stacked up behind them but didn't realised by how after around 7 hours I have only managed to sort out 2 of the 8 shelves I need to do - lets hope the next 6 are easier!

And on to the card – I have several in a file waiting to be shared but yesterday when my daughters came they were looking for a card for grandson Layton to tale to a little girls party today – although I have dozens of cards made up there wasn't anything that took their fancy so I said they should just make one themselves

And they did!

They had a rummage through my folders and short listed around 8 sheets so I printed them all for them and Nicky sat and made this card up while she was here

I was so pleased with it I took photos and asked her if I could use t for my blog – she said yes,

I have no idea as to who may have designed the sheet but I am 99% certain it came from

To make the card Nicky first folded an A4 white sheet of card stock in half to form an A5 card blank

She cut the base layer out and stuck it to the top of her card blank which left a wide border at the bottom

She built the pyramage up using medium sticky pads – this is easy to cut as all straight lines – she rubbed the sticky pads with a glue stick so she could lift up and re-position if it wasn't quite lined up right.

The Happy Birthday sentiment could have been placed anywhere on the card but she simply placed it in the biggest blank space

She decorated the card with Stickles glitter glue so she could match it to the colour of the image

To finish the card she used metallic purple card candy along that bottom wide border

I am so pleased with the finished card – and I know the girls were too – got them into the mood for crafting as I think they went on to make up all the sheets and kits I had printed for them!!!

Hopefully you will get something from me tomorrow...


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