Saturday, 4 August 2012

Super Storage Solution!

Hi folks

Haven't a card to share today as been busy on and off all day and had some atcs that needed to be finished

But I thought I would share with you a bargain I have had!

Well hopefully it will be a bargain lol

I had an email through a few days ago from offering super storage solutions at a great offer price

Well I kept looking – then think nah I really don't need these – then I would look again

I was aware the offer was limited and due to end on Friday lunchtime provided they had stock left

In the end on Thursday I thought right I will have these so placed the order

It was £11.99 for one or a twin pack for £15 with free next day delivery

My thoughts were ok if I decided I don't want these I can just pop them away and use for christmas pressies for crafty friends

Didn't think any more of the purchase until a van pulled up and Pete shouted up to the craft room – was you expecting some parcels...I replied yes some storage

Well when he had signed for them and shouted of me to come and see what had arrived I was totally gobsmacked

Just look at the size of these boxes....

I know you cant really tell how big other than looking at the photo of the box propped up against the computer chair

The box actually measures 38” x 26”


So I opened one box and could not believe all the pieces to it

And 4 full A4 sheets of instructions too....


Oh well – I'm a crafter so how hard can it really be to put some bits of card together and create a super storage solution...


Hard – no very hard – rethink it now...

Mega hard!

I tried and tried and in the end just picked up the huge box and dropped it in the spare room....

Today Pete asked why I hadnt put the kit together so I challenged him to do it

If you look at these piccies you will see how well he did after almost 2 hours!!!!

Im now wondering is this why I got a bargain?

And then I think – I cant really give one of these parcels to a crafty friend – it would be one hell of a way to lose them lol

And would cost more than I paid for 2 to send on to a crafty friend!!!

So Pete & I will join forces tomorrow and get one of these put together

So keep an eye out for the finished super storage solution


When I say finished – I mean built

Mainly because these are something you decorate to your own taste – at least that has a DVD to help with ideas and also what can and cannot be used on the box...

See you next time....


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  1. omg!! I can see why you had a problem building it! So many pieces! But don't give up - good luck for tomorrow!! Pauline x