Sunday, 19 August 2012


Apologises for not getting anything posted on here yesterday – it had been my intention to show all the fab goodies I had from the Craft Festival over at Donnington Castle – it was a brilliant show – so many sellers – and bargains
Watched some demo's and Sheena was great – she almost did us a
1-2-1 demo on the dabbers, sprays and her new silhouette stamps – it worked from her part as I parted with a wad of cash for the must haves!!!
Got to the lovely Jae's place around 4.30 then we all just chatted, laughed, watched some TV – more chatting and before we knew it we were into Sunday
This morning we set off to meet my lift home and if there was a wrong turning we managed to take it so our 35 minute journey turned out to take almost 90 minutes...but we had time so it was fine...
So things I bought were a couple of lovely paper flower wreathe kits – there were a few made up and cost was low – had enough in a kit to make 3 so perfect!!!
Dawn Bibby had her shop there Topaz Crafts – it was a bargain rummage – loads of huge storage bins with bargains starting at just 50p
Of course we had a right good rummage – I came away with a couple of pack of fancy glittered fabric flowers, 4 sets of themed buttons and 4 cards with 6 coloured enamel charms on – only paid £6.80 so yes bargains.
Indigo Blue was another place I was hooked and spent a lot – bought more gilding flakes but plain colours this time also a couple of stamps and I think some embellishments too
Scary Mary were doing an offer of the most amazing christmas trees – it was a 3 pack for the show instead of a 2 pack so excellent value for money – they sold out yesterday but he said they had 40 saved for today so I paid for a set with hope of getting in to collect it but in the end the lady who took me Pauline – kindly collected on my behalf
There was a seller called the MDF man – the stuff was amazing – we had walked past so many times and not bothered but towards the end of our day Jae stood outside for a breather with the bags while I went back to find a punch – happened to notice the MDF stuff and was hooked – I bought loads of interesting things – went back to Jae and took her over, can see me wanting lots more....
I got lots of rubber stamps from so many different seller – my Debbi Moore stamping mag which saved me over £2 in postage...
So far all the bags have just been dropped on the floor of the craft room – I really want to play – erm I mean put them away – but feel exhausted so need my bed...
And that is it for now – sorry no card – and sorry I missed a day – Im sure I will be forgiven for that knowing I was away...
See you next time folks...

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