Friday, 10 August 2012

Shock - Horror - Its done!!!!!!!!!!

I am jumping for joy now...
Have had a busy day so far – first thing we went over to Asda for the dreaded food shop – oh how I hate that chore!!!!
Then it was over to our daughters to help with their decorating
Then home and in the sun
I managed to have a good read on the latest Making Cards magazine while making the most of the hot sun...
Anyway back to the reason I am buzzing...
Its finished
Well all bar the decoration
Have you guessed yet what I am talking about?
Its the super storage system!!!!!!!!!
Pete & I took it all downstairs last night and were determined we would get it finished
And we did!
Cannot believe it took so long
But on the bright side
The next one should be easy!
The drawers are A4 sized – each will take a ream of paper or card
One of the drawers has a removable divider which gives the option of taking A5 card/paper or card blanks and envelopes
There is a side space which takes 12x12 card and paper.
The whole system is deceiving in size as it looks A4 but if you look at the A4 sheet of card I placed on the top it s much bigger
In fact the 12x12 pack of card shows a better size.
So the next job is to decorate this – I am undecided as to what to do though – should I buy some tester pots of paint and do a painted base to decorate – or maybe cover it all with vinyl then decorate
Or even just do rubber stamping and heat embossing onto paper and card then cover with that!
I keep looking at the decopatch site – so is this an option?
I'm in no real rush to decorate it and it has come with a DVD on ways to pretty it up – just need to find myself 90 mins to sit and watch it!
Anyway – if you have any thoughts and ideas – I am all ears – so drop me a line!!!
See you tomorrow

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