Monday, 27 August 2012

Christening GET


I am still up to my eyes in chaos!! Oh how I wish I had never started this huge task of clearing out the craft room in order to bring the over spill that is filling the room that should be Petes space!!! Just when I think I have made a big dent in it – I discover yet more that has to be sorted!

The wheelie bins are at over flow point – have given bag loads to someone through free-cycle

Have boxes and bags of stuff that I will be taking to class...its just endless

All I want to do is craft – is it really too much to ask for? Seems yes is the answer for now!!!

I have been making this christening card for our post mistress for what seems like weeks now – but at long last its completed – well apart from an envelobox which I will get made in class tomorrow.

So I used a Giant Easel Tableau kit by Valerie Dawes – simply called Boy's Christening

I printed off the 6 sheets and then roughly cut out several of the pieces – mainly the base sections that needed extra support – I sprayed them with Crafters Companion Stick & Stay then stuck to pale blue card stock and cut out properly

I scored all the tabs and cut the 2 slits in the main base

With this kit I remembered from making it before – the cross that fits on the back section is actually too big for the sentiment section – it covers the text – so I got round it this time by cutting the top of the cross down slightly – I think it looks ok – do you agree?

All the decoupage was completed before I put the card together as there were so many tiny pieces to it....

The main back piece just wouldn't stand upright so I made a small tab and added a piece of Velcro to that and the base – it works perfectly!

For decoration I used several Stickles Glitter glue – for the centre of the flowers, around the base and main back section edges

I then used a Sakura quickie glue pen and glamour dust to highlight the edge of the bonnet and shoe laces.

Once it was all put together I stuck the verse underneath to finish

I am sure this will be well received by the post master & post mistress and the family they give it to.

Be back again tomorrow


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