Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Iris Folding!!


To start with I am all excited after receiving a comment on one of my cards....Debbeescds said she had left a little something for me over on her naturally I jumped on over to it....and she had been awarded her very first BLOG AWARD...congrats Deb...but what's even better is she had as terms of her award to then nominate 5 other blogs that have inspired her and has less than 200 followers....and guess what? She has chosen my blog as one of them!!

How good is that? I am really overjoyed by it all....I need to now look into what I need to do and how to do it – so keep your eyes open for a BLOG AWARD badge appearing on my blog...

Right then – to today's card – or maybe I should say cards as it's the same card but different!!!

I did this as this weeks project in my classes...Iris Folding....

Some love it – other's hate it....personally if I am in the mood I find it relaxing, if I'm stressed I find I make silly mistakes!!!

The pattern for this is called Southern Belle and was hand drawn and designed by a dear friend over in the States – Larry Downes – he actually drew me this pattern way back in 2006 but I do it over and over again and every time it turns out lovely!!!

So both my cards I used white card for the design, mint green course glitter card for matting and a rusty red A5 card blank.

I traced around the southern belle then transferred the tracing centrally to my white piece of card and then cut the design out to leave an aperture...

The aperture was then placed over the pattern and stuck to stay in place...
I used florist ribbon – personal choice – but I love the vast range of colours, the sheen is beautiful, it will tear evenly length wise and it folds easily!

I have a box that I keep all the scraps of florist ribbon in as well as the rolls – so I decided to use the pink bits – I was pleasantly pleased with the finished result as the shades of pink all look to work well!!!

For the other card I used a chocolate brown florist ribbon

Once all the folding was finished I turned the card over and then using a dreamweaver stencil brush and Tim Holtz Victorian Velvet Distress Ink Pad I used a circular motion, moving from the work top onto the card edge to give muted colour, I did this all around the edge of the white card and also the sentiment rosette which I had cut using my Craft Robo!

So to the inked rosette – it has ribbon slots cut all around it so I took a length of narrow white ribbon, a pro marker to match the iris folding – and coloured the ribbon, then slotted it through all the slots.

On the pink card I cut the ends close to the back of the rosette and secured it then used the remaining ribbon to tie a bow to add to the card – on the brown card I left the tails hanging – both look lovely – so again it's down to personal choice! I used a pretty sentiment stamp that fits perfectly in the centre!

I positioned both rosettes in the same place – top left corner of the card – the pink had the ribbon bow attached to the top right corner – the pink card was finished off with clear AB gems in each corner and the brown card had brown spotted card candy on each corner!

A pretty card that could be used for some many occasions!!!

If you would like a copy of the sheet please click and save to your computer!!

See you tomorrow....


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