Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pop Up Card


Its pretty late tonight – have spent the entire day trying to re-organise my craft room – its looking pretty well organised - but crickey what a mess – so still a lot more to be done!! Who would have thought been given endless amounts of storage could cause so much mayhem....Still when its all done it will be worth it!

To the card....

This is actually I kit I bought from crafts you print as I needed to make a special card for my friend Katie's birthday – the kit and completed card on crafts you print looked amazing so I thought it would be prefect

Sadly as it was being made up I realised I couldn't use it – I honestly saw only Sympathy every time I looked at it....

So I carried on and very sadly then had a message to say a dear friend had lost her mum so the card was sent to Pam.

As I said the kit is from Crafts You Print, it is called Doves With White Flowers Pop Up 3d Kit and is designed by Sandie Burchell

The kit has 4 main sheets and 2 sheets to make up the envelope so quite a lot of printing to do...and as for cutting out – there was loads – I think it took almost 2 hours of cutting out which is a long time compared to usual.

After printing I used Crafters Companion Stick And Stay to attach the main sheet and insert sheet to lilac card as it needed more support than just the printed paper offered.

Once everything was cut out I started on the scoring – there was quite a lot to be scored and slots to be cut out too...the instructions that came with it were spot on – however it was printed out over 13 pages which was quite excessive especially when almost half of that was advertising her other kits!!! I will remember to look out for that next time I do one of her kits!

I didnt add the small pieces of decoupage to the front of the card until I was happy with the centre – this was fiddly – it had a double box which is made up and has tabs that slip through slots in the insert and then get taped down before the insert is positioned – have to say it did all go together perfectly!!

So once I has the insert in place I attached the pretty pop up heart – I was so pleased that the card did close perfectly when it was all in place...

Next I did the decoupage – I used small sticky pads and shaped the top layers.

For decoration I only added spots of glitter in the trails left by the doves and the tiny white flowers – I felt anything more would have taken away the simplicity of the card

There were lots of sentiments that could have been used – for birthday, anniversary, wedding, with love, valentines day, mothers day and sympathy – had this been for any other occasion I think I would have added flat backed pearls around the front and more glitter....

The downside of this card is you don't really have anyway of adding a verse apart from adding it to the small back panel prior to printing – but that means its not really personalised! And the panel was so small it would have only taken 4 or 5 lines bearing in mind I had to also write my message in the panel too!

All in all a beautiful card for a sad occasion – but I doubt I would ever make it again!!!

Thank you for looking....I would be interested to hear what you think of the design too – am I wrong seeing only sympathy – would you make it and use for some other occasion?

Bye xxx

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