Monday, 13 February 2012

Adhesives Explained

I came across this while browsing a website recently and asked permission to share this with you - so a huge thank you to Rita The Paper Craft Tutor
Please take a minute to view her site where everything is free....

Which glue/adhesive?

  • Silicone - attaching 3d objects such as shells etc to your work. It also sticks everything from glass and metal to decoupage, but check it out on a scrap of your work first to ensure it doesn't bleed through.
  • The down side:A very pungent odour, it can be very messy too!
  • Glue Gel - All the same uses as above, but without the pungent odour. Good for dried flowers as it doesn't bleed the colour of the specimen.
  • Tape runners/tape mice -
  • I use a permanent one on such items as vellum, mulberry paper etc. where other glues would be visible.
  • The repositionable one for creating masks when I am stamping. Also good for sticking unmounted rubber stamps to acrylic blocks.
  • The down side: By far the most expensive adhesive product currently on the market.
  • PVA glue - Good as an all purpose glue when sandwiching large areas together - use a brush.
  • The down side:Tends to warp the project as it dries.
  • Book Binding Glue Gel - I was introduced to this glue by a friend & it has become a staple part of my kit. Great when you need to stick something to foiled or glittered card. It has amazing properties, in so far as you can literally rub away the excess that squidges out from beneath your embellishment!
  • The down side: The odour is even more pungent than silicone glue.
  • Tacky Glue - A dedicated 'hobby' glue, great for making boxes as it dries almost instantly. Generally comes with a fine tip nozzle so more accuracy than PVA glue. Rarely warps the project as you need only a touch.
  • The down side: More of a tip really, I store mine upside down, this helps prevent it clogging up!
  • Multi-Purpose clear glue - good for sticking transparent heavier objects such as glass pebbles etc. Will also stick metal to your work.
  • The down side: The odour is almost eye watering, so make sure you use it in a well ventilated area.
  • Glitter glue - used mainly as decoration, but can be used as a regular paper glue especially for kids, who generally apply too much glue and it squidges out from beneath the object - least glitter glue will look pretty!
  • The down side:The glue tends to 'spread' as it dries 
  • Glue sticks - Fabulous for the kids, also a great way to stick large surfaces together, or to smear onto 3D pads to make them repositionable.
  • The down side:Given time, the layers you so carefully stuck together begin to peel apart, & the work invariably warps unless you keep it under something heavy & flat to dry.
  • Fabric glue - Use to hold things in place temporarily while sewing, or to bond two pieces of fabric together. Fabric glue is heavier than regular glue making it less inclined to seep through the weave of the fabric.
  • Hot glue/glue guns - Great for 3D objects such as shells & glass pebbles.
    The down side:Be wary when using it on plastic, vellum or acetate as the heat will warp these. 
  • Superglue - I have personally never found a need for it in my crafting?

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