Saturday, 11 February 2012

Easel Cross

Today's card is basically an easel but with a shaped top.

It is a kit designed by Crafty Gals and was bought probably from and is called 

The kit is made up of 4 sheets and a further sheet of backing paper should you wish to have a double sided design – there is also the top and bottom sheet for the matching envelope.

So after printing the sheets I stuck the easel base to a sheet of card stock and then the backing paper to the back of the card- cut it out then scored and folded on the lightly marked score lines!

Then the cross was stuck to card and backing paper on the reverse before it was cut out.

Finally the stopper was placed on the last bit of scrap card and lots of thick foam tape added so it stood proud of the base as a stopper should do!

Next was a case of making the card up – so the cream circular base was stuck centrally onto the shaped easel base with double sided tape.

Then the cross was added to the folded section of the easel in the correct position for it to stand against the stopper with falling top heavy.

Lastly the decoupage was cut out and added to the cross – it looked so pretty when made so was worth taking my time to cut the smallest sections of the decoupage!

The kit came with several sentiments making the kit suitable for sympathy, easter, with love or just to say hello!!
As with all easels the card folds flat to go in the envelope which I have only just realised I haven't yet made up – how remiss of me!

I do hope you enjoyed the project I chose to share today....and please don't feel you have to ask if its ok to copy a card – after all this is a kit and once you own it you can do what you want with it – but I'm happy when you like it enough to want to have a go yourself!!!

Happy Crafting my friends.....
Roses For You Cross Easel Card

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  1. Lovely card, suitable for many occasions,
    Mx ;)