Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Taste Of The Orient!


Well I really didn't think I would be able to share anything with you today – mainly cos my pc was a little poorly this morning so had to be made better,....good job hubby knows what he is doing....

So here I am – all ok so far – BUT – as you will have now noticed – well you will if you take note of such things – I have now lost all my favourite fonts! And that strictly isn't true as I have them all saved but have to get them installed – maybe tomorrow as loads of more important things to go back first!

And so to the card of the day!

This is a really pretty card made from the fab new Debbi Moore cd – ORIENTAL

I started by using a standard A5 card blank – printed a sheet of backing paper that is so pretty as it is quite dark at the bottom and fades out as you reach the top – I punched a border down the right hand side and folded the left side over and taped it to the back – this gives a neat edge.

After printing my sheet I cut out the main panel and all the decoupage pieces, built the decoupage with small sticky pads and then stuck the whole panel to the card positioning it more to the left edge.

I had printed a sheet of flowers and embellishments from the cd rom so cut out 3 gold coloured disks and stuck them down the edge of the main image at the top right hand side.

Next I cut out the circular petal flowers – this came in 3 sizes so I simply popped the largest then the middle size and finally the smallest inside each other and pierced a hole through all 3 and the card front and pushed a pretty pink glittered brad through to hold in place.

Stupidly after punching the pretty holey border I stuck the sheet to the card blank but didnt pay enough attention to where the tape was going to go – and ended up with a very narrow line of tape showing through the holes

No problems – I simply used the Sakura quickie glue pen to glue the whole row of holes and then covered with dusty pink glitter!! Amazing sparkle and what a great way to cover up a mistake – who would have known?

All that remained was to embellish the whole design so I highlighted the flowers in her hair of dress with quickie glue pen then sprinkled with glitter then used the tiniest of gems and added one to her finger, ear and hair!

A really pretty card for most occasions

Be back here again tomorrow....


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