Monday, 14 May 2012

Heart of Gold

Good evening friends

Thanks for dropping by again – one of these evenings I will have the kettle on and cake to offer you – but sadly – it's not today!!!

For my chosen card today I went with Heart of Gold as I just loved the image – its always lovely making a card when you really like the image you have in front if you

So this is a kit and came from Paper Creator – it contains 4 sheets, that is a backing sheet, a sheet that has 2 toppers – 1 has text the other hasn't, a sheet with the insert in 2 sections and finally a sheet of decoupage

I used a sheet of rich pearlescent blue card to create my 6x6 card blank and rounded all 4 corners.

After cutting the base layers I secured the printed image to the front of the card using Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue – leaving a narrow border all round the card.

I then stuck the unprinted image to the back of my card again leaving the all round border.

Before I printed my insert I added a sentiment – I went with something pretty basic so the card is suitable for most occasions...

Nothing could be nicer
than to send a wish to you
I hope today's a happy one
and continues all year through!

I trimmed both sections of the sentiment and stuck the printed one to the right hand side and the bear part to the left side.

Back to the card front and the decoupage – once it was all cut out – and I will just add here this is one of a set of 20 kits in this series – and it was by far the easiest to cut out!

I then used tiny sticky pads to build up the design and before adding sticky pads to the top layers I shaped them gently using a bone folder then stuck into place.

To decorate I used a Sakura quickie glue pen to highlight all the swirls and flourishes on the front and then sprinkled with turquoise fine glitter.

Just under the bear was some grass so I added a lovely green mix glitter to it, I added it thickly to give more dimension.

Finally I used glossy accents to highlight the bears ears, face and feet

A great card – or at least I think so!

Hadn't thought to mention in the past, the Sakura quickie glue pen I mention time and again is from although these are readily available I don't know anywhere else that matches or beats Joanna Sheen's £2.49

See you tomorrow!!!

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