Sunday, 6 May 2012

Gift Box


Have had a dreadful day today in so many ways – I started looking for some rubber stamps last night – couldn't find them so went off to bed

I think it must have been on my mind as I didn't manage to sleep much and ended up getting up a little before 3am – to continue the search for the stamps!

Well I carried on that search until my lift arrived at 9.30am – we were going to the Ross Papercraft show here in was a great show – I had a big spend – got some many beautiful rubber stamps as well as more PanPastels and Glitter Medium...

Anyway back home by 2pm and the search now I have had my room upside down – got bin bags full of scraps of card and paper I kept for whatever reason – bags of printed sheets and kits that will now go to class and bags or ready to mount decoupage which I will pass on to a lady for her fundraising efforts...but still no stamps!!!

My room is so much tidier now – as is my space in hubby's room – and the airing cupboard – the cupboard under the stairs – my shed...and I even searched all my jewellery making boxes...still no stamps!

I searched every drawer in my room...files, folders, boxes, shelves and still no stamps!

It was now 6pm and I had just had enough so decided I would now have a good look and maybe even a play with my new stamps – went into the drawer labelled Special card, paper, acetate & shrink plastic – picked up my pack of frosted shrink plastic and yes you guess it – my 3 packs of rubber stamps!!!!

I really cannot imagine how or why they were put in there as I have a whole bookcase with boxes of rubber stamps as well as 12 A4 sized drawers, 8 huge great big oversized drawers and 8 a5 sized drawers – all full of rubber stamps!!!
But never mind – I have found them so who knows I may even sleep tonight!!!

I decided I wasn't sharing a card as such today – this is a lovely box that was my lovely friend Jae gave me when I went to stay with her recently – it is by Card-i-gami and they are so pretty but easy to make too

Without printing the sheet out I really cannot explain what has to be done but I know the sheet will make up the pretty box that measures 8cm x 8cm x 5cm with a lid that actually opens – Jae was making these for her grand children to sell at the school fête so she popped a small bag with 4 scented tea light candles and also a sachet that she neatly folded a tumble drier sheet and popped it

The lid has the prettiest flower attached to it – it's a work of art folding them but looks great don't you think?

Its finished off with layered flowers around the sides – all the edges and flower centres have been heavily glittered to add to the WOW factor!

Hope you enjoyed this project!!!


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