Monday, 21 May 2012

Red White & Blue

Its me again....

I am sharing a card with a difference today – it has been made as a challenge card for a facebook group I belong to Jammi Panda's

I signed up for a monthly RAK (Random Act of Kindness) which means I make a card and send to the person I am partnered with

The difference with this RAK is the sheets are provided with clear instructions as to what has to be used on the card

Seeing the sheets – it was 2 backing sheets with union flag designs, a sheet with bunting in 2 sizes as well as 3 cupcakes and then an insert I wasn't filled with inspiration

So I laid out the sheets and also card stock in white, red, blue, black and some pastels to see what went best with the sheets – nothing did!

I tried a tent fold, half fold, gatefold, fold back – but nothing jumped out at me!

Then one night a few days ago I woke up at stupid o'clock as I do – came into the craft room and everything fell into place!

I used a sheet of white card sock and scored to create a tri fold card – then I cut off a piece along the top – I did it by starting at the top right hand corner and drew a line to approx 8cms down the left edge from the top corner – this is the panel I cut off
So to create the card I covered the shortest section with the largest designed paper, did the same with the middle section too

I cut out a panel of the other backing, scored down 3 sides and folded them, attached to the lower part of the panel to create a pocket.

I stuck the small bunting onto scraps of card then cut it out in 3's, using the Crop-o-dile I punched a small hole in 8 places across the bunting and slotted narrow white satin ribbon through, the bunting was then attached on every panel – front and back.

Using some tags I had cut on my craft robo I then stuck the cupcakes to the tag – stamped a simple sentiment in coloured inks and then glittered the heart decorations on the cake icing using coloured glitters. I added red, white and blue narrow satin ribbon to the tags and cut off at an angle. The tags slipped into the pockets and showed the cupcakes perfectly!

Because of the card being a tri fold I couldn't add the insert as such so cut it down to fit the back panel – I first covered the panel with a thick red vellum to keep in with the look of the card, the insert was stuck towards the bottom and the bunting across the top!

There were 2 panels that were covered with a backing paper but instead of adding pockets I attached the cupcakes to a piece of acetate and that was stuck under the bunting so the cupcakes float free!!!

Even now I look at the card and just cannot believe I have actually made this – especially when I think how I came close to throwing in the towel through lack of mojo!!!
Thanks for looking

Till next time.... xxx ...


  1. looking good Angie its a brill card anyone would be honored to receive it
    maybe I need to branch out and look into join other groups lol I only belong to one nowadays use to do a couple on msn a few years ago

  2. hi Angie lovely card know what you mean aboutnot knowing what to do but your card is fab wish i could come up with stuff like you do xxx