Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pomeranian Poppy!

Hi friends

Thanks for dropping by again to see what I have to tempt you with today

Well I have used a sweet cd by Jems Designs for this card – the cd is called A Puppy's Tale

Visit the website if you want to know more about the cd rom its

So this particular design is called Pomeranian Poppy

I was a bit stuck with how to actually create something with this set I have to say – so cut out the decoupage then thought well I am going to have to cover my 8x8 card blank with backing paper and then add the decoupage to it

Had I searched the folder for Poppy I would have spotted there was actually a sheet with several toppers – the largest being the perfect base for this decoupage – mental note to one's self – next time use the topper sheet as well as the decoupage sheets!!!


I managed to ruckle to the top right corner of the card – when trying to remove the backing to try again I tore it!!!


I came up with the idea of cutting off the corner and popped a section of lovely holographic heart mirri board behind it!

It worked out ok – at least I didn't have to throw the whole card away.

After making up the decoupage I positioned it over to the right hand side of the card and then added a length of cerise grosgrain ribbon around the spine and finished off with a lovely knot and fancy pointed tales to the ribbon ends!

I had a few printed tags lying around so threaded narrow white ribbon through one and stuck it to the top left of the card with a sticky pad.

I embellished the card with spray glitters and glossy accent as well as pretty flower soft here and there in the poppies!

A pretty enough card that didn't take a lot of thought – but did need a lot of cutting out in places!!!

And remember – if you try one of these – use the topper sheet too – makes life easier!


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