Monday, 2 February 2015

Wishing YOU Well


I am so excited I just had to share this with you know my best friend was involved in a car crash a few days ago and I wanted to make her a I looked through the website of a lady I know does files and found just the thing...well it was 2 things I bought in the end, a vase of flowers and this beautiful Wishing You Well

I wasn’t sure how many sheets the project would take and as I only had 4 each of lilac and pink I opted for a mottled cream card

Put the card on the cutting mat ad fed it to the Silhouette Cameo machine...because there was a lot of tiny dots to be cut out the sheets took a long time so I carried on doing something else, only when it was all out did I see how many pieces were cut out.

I used a pokey tool to nudge out the waste bits but in places it became clear that the machine hadn’t cut everything cleanly. So I tried my best to get the waste out – in some places I passed a few sheets over to a friend to have ago too and between us we got most of the waste removed.

There were no instructions for making up the kit so I went by the photograph, it was at this point I realised I should have gone with smooth card stock. There were a few straightforward pieces to make up but I struggled with the roof and the piece that made up the box for flowers but I didn’t give up as I couldn’t wait to see this all finished. As I said the box was so fiddly but i got there in the end, I folded all the scored lines and glued on the flaps.

So that was my Wishing You Well made u so now I just need the chunky roses in shades of browns and creams and also a way to hold the box.  

I used glossy accents to hold the flowers in the box then had a thought – so I cut 4 lengths of ivory ribbon and cut into 4 pieces, red tape was used on the base and one end of the ribbon I just firmly pushed the ribbon so the tape had a good grip.

 Once this was done on a I gathered the ribbons together and used a 15mm super sticky dot, pressed the ribbons into it then gently pushed the sticky dot into the centre of the roof.

I know it looks shabby here and there but I am so please with it so going to cut it out again in light card stock

I must apologise if some of this makes little sense, I have only had around 9 hours sleep over the past 6 days, last night I could not sleep at all, but I am paying the price today – every time I sit down I seem to fall asleep lol

Ok then – catch you again tomorrow