Friday, 20 February 2015

The Book Shop


This card was made as a challenge with my friend Ann who I made the plaque for that I shared yesterday, she is a card maker herself with no confidence in her work so when she saw the Tea Cup Tea Shop card she asked to buy it, instead I said I would print out 2 kits and send her one to make up as a challenge, cannot think what kit I sent to her but I hung on to the Book Shop, and here it is!!

All the shop front kits are the same to make up, so I printed the 4 sheets, trimmed them down so had 4 pieces that needed to be glued to card

I used white 300gsm card and Crafters Companion Stick & Stay to glue the pieces to the card.

There really isn’t much more I can say about the kit that I didn’t say a few days ago except if you look closely at the book shop windows you will see one side is for gardening and the other side for cookery – that is amazing attention to detail, or I think it is!

So that’s that!! Card finished – description cut short, and Lucy Beale’s killer revealed! Sorry couldn’t help myself, had to add that statement.

So I will be back again tomorrow, I am hoping to get a few new cards made up to share with you too

Have a lovely weekend

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