Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Flower Girll


The f the day today is a lovely plate and stand

Sadly I have no idea at all who designed the sheet or where it was bought from, all I know is it was in a folder on my PC dated Nov 2004, so whether the sheet is that old or i have just put it in the wrong place I really don’t know

The plate and easel were both on the one sheet of printing so I trimmed them both down a little and then sprayed the back with Crafters Companion Stick and Stay and stuck to a sheet of white 350gsm card

I cut out the plate and used a pale pink promarker to colour the edges, then added the 2 roses which I shaped before adding the double sided pads

For the hair decoration and dress I tried out some Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Pearl pva, plum sparkle. I shook the bottle well then added a tiny spot in the centre of the flowered headband and spray of flowers in her hand

The same pva was used to cover the printed dots of the pretty dress, when it first went on it just looked like pink pearlidoodles but as it has dried you can clearly see the sparkle it gives. When I first saw these new sparkle pva glues I just bought myself 2 thinking they would be like Stickles but I am pleased to say they are totally different so I will be looking to add more to my collection.

The stand was cut out then I lightly scored it several times turned it over and again scored several times, I have found this stops the card from cracking when its folded, and like with the plate, I coloured the edges with the same promarker.

I love this plate and stand – but – I can’t quite see why the stand needed to be quite so high, it s around 4.5cms higher than the plate, I am sure someone will come up with the answer.

And if anyone knows who designed the plate and stand sheet please let me know as I think the designer needs a mention for their work – and who knows they may have lots more fab sheets.

I do hope you like the plate, I just think the young girl is stunning, makes me think back to my 3 daughters at that age, and of course my granddaughters too...I think we will all see someone we know looking at her face.

I will e back again tomorrow with something different!!!
Intrigued? All the more reason for you to come back again!

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