Saturday, 7 February 2015

Butterfly Handbag


I am really sorry but I didn’t get a chance to complete my card for today so I am again sharing one that I started on Thursday at class but only finished this afternoon

I really don’t know quite why I haven’t done a card as I did spend a good 3 or 4 hours in here until I got so cold I had to give up – mind you I did get some mdf bits painted up

Anyway this is a handbag kit by Sandie Burchell and came from Craftsuprint

This is one of her newer designs, I quite like the shape of the flaps on these compared to the older ones

So I trimmed away the excess paper then stuck the bag, the handles and the flaps onto card using Crafters Companion Stick & Stay glue.

The handbag was then cut out and I used a promarker to colour the edges rather than leave them white, and once the panels were cut out they too had the edges coloured.

The handles were stuck back to back and edges all coloured

To make the bag up I used a scalpel to cut out slots of the handles to slide into, then inside the card the handles had red tape on so they would stick tight.

Double sided sticky pads were placed all over the panels then stuck in place on the bag

The sentiment tag would normally be attached to the handle with jump rings but I can’t find my jewellery tools so instead used some ribbon but that will be changed as it looks naff.

I stuck the base butterflies with cosmic shimmer then just glued the body of the top butterflies, used a quickie glue pen to draw some lines then sprinkled with glitter.

I stuck a lovely red jewelled gem in the centre of the flap and then used small white ab pearls on the criss cross design of the flap to finish.

I will get my act together and get some cards made up tomorrow then I will have spares to share for days like today!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend
Be back again tomorrow

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  1. This is lovely Angie Inlike the shape of the flap too. Your sentiment hung with a ribbon looks fine. I find when I have glued the paper on to card and score it I always get crumbly creases...if you know what I mean. You don't seem to have this prob xx