Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tea Rooms


When I first saw this kit I couldn’t wait to do it!!
It’s one of the new kits by Sandie Burchall and has just 4 sheets of printing to make this amazing card

The kit is called Tea Cup Tea Shop Front kit and to make it I trimmed away the excess paper around the edges and most of the pieces were then sprayed with Stick & Stay then pressed onto smooth white 300gsm card, the pieces were then all cut out and I was ready to go.

To start with I scored and folded the main card structure which is a tent fold with front flat flap for the pavement.

The shop front was cut out and stuck to the front of the card base not touching the pavement, there was also a roof section that went on the back of the card and a big section to add a sentiment, I added a special verse to the card which is hidden in the photos as I have made this for someone so don’t want her to see it.

The decoupage was mostly easy to cut out, as in the shop front which had 3 pieces to cut out but it was all straightforward. The parasols should have had the frilly bit but it was so messy when I had cut it out so I cut it all off...problem solved.

As well as the main card there is a matching gift tag, I have propped the gift card up on the back to hide the verse as I said earlier.

I love the card but it’s a shame there’s no real scope for changing it or adding my own things to it other than the flower soft I added to the hanging baskets and pompom trees by the door which I did after taking the photos.

And that’s it finished;...I hope you like it, I have a couple of others that I plan on doing this week sometime – I hope!!!

Ok its coffee time then I am planning on an early night tonight as I was up till almost 5am this morning.

See you tomorrow


  1. This is greatvAngie but as you say no scope to make it a bit different. I like how you've added flower soft....a great addition. Wynn

  2. Sorry some weird spellings ....blooming predictor lol xxx