Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Bra Challenge!

Good evening

I said this was something different...well I might have told a porky....

It’s not a card, it is an mdf plaque

My friend and I challenge each other and this challenge was the mdf plaque and it must have at least 1 charm on it

I thought I was all sorted with mine, I have bought some different types of paint for things like mdf so slapped on a coat of Americana Decor Chalky finish paint, its water based and didn’t take too long to dry then I added a second coat but then wasn’t sure I liked the finish so I painted a 3rd layer but used Imagination Crafts mdf paint in Cream Gold...when it was dry I hated it. So it was a rub down then a light coat of the white again and once that was dry I used a sanding block and randomly rubbed away paint

On to the decoration..I honestly had no idea so started gathering stamps to try out...opened a big drawer with clear stamp packs in and as I opened it too much it fell out and landed on my foot...I am now sporting a pretty coloured bruise – for its the 2nd time this has happened in a week!! But anyway as the stamps flew around me I spotted the perfect set for this was by Inky Doodles and the set I chose to use was The Wonder Bra

I started by stamping the verse on the far right hand side followed by the bra at an angle in the centre and 3 pretty flowers down the left side. I used Versafine Black Onyx ink and it stamped perfectly on the painted surface

Stamps cleaned and put away I got out the pro markers to do the colouring only to find they don’t like the painted surface...I got dark colours to work but didn’t want those – so I tried Gelly Roll glitter pens and they did the job – I couldn’t get a good even colour but I was looking for the shabby look so it worked ok. I used a few different gems to add to the bra and the verse which added pretty sparkles

After the colouring was done and had dried I turned the plaque over and covered the back with some lovely backing paper I had come across.

When I’d finished the painting I used my fab upper and lower case alphabet stamps from what was Dimension Stamps, I stamped onto some blush textured card using Sepia ink and then over stamped with a small butterfly in bright orange in, cut out the letters and found then too big to use

But the back only had backing paper so the letters were perfect for a name, so they were stuck down using Pinflair gel as I though with it being heavy and textured it needed more grip and the Pinflair goes off quicker than the cosmic shimmer.

I tried for over half an hour to thread so fibres to use as a hanger but had to admit defeat and instead used some pink and white butchers twine; I knotted on the back and threaded it rom back to front at the right and slotted on a butterfly charm and a 2nd butterfly charm this time upside down then threaded the twine front to back on the left and knotted it. Once the hanger was held up the butterflies hung down!! Challenge over...


I opened up a magazine a day or three ago and saw a card that had a small bulldog clip holding a charm so I used that idea, I chose a cerise pink bulldog clip and used 5 jump rings, 2 were added to a Cancer Ribbon charm and 2 to a heart charm, the 5th ring went through both of those and also through one arm of the bulldog clip, the clip was then attached to the right hand side of the plaque.

It was all parcelled up and sent in yester5day;s post so I am certain my challenge friend Paula will have it by now – if not she will know what’s coming!!!

See you tomorrow

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