Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Pop Up Box for CAZ


Well the weather here today has been lovely, at one stage I was sat outside in a sun top for half an hour while my floors dried...good excuse not that I need one – for those who know me the minute the sun is out so am I...

Again today’s project isn’t a card – it’s one of the pop up boxes which is a mystery as to where it came from or even who designed it, it was another thing I found on my pc when looking for something else! You should all have a go at this, go to your Start/Windows button and click, this will open up a new window with a search box – type a word in the box then click on see more results, this brings up everything on your pc that has that word in it...sometimes when I am stuck for what to do I do that and spend a couple of hours sometimes looking at it all.

So as I said this is a pop up box which I made for a lovely lady who is a member of my online forum and also comes to our annual craft retreat – Caz...its her birthday today and I know she has received this as she replied to a message I sent her this morning.

I printed out the 3 sheets, and as I do when a sheet needs some strength I roughly cut around the pieces and used stick & stay to hold the paper to the card, then cut it out properly, a little hint here – if you have to score card, and especially card that has a printed paper stuck to it, score gently on the right side 3 or 4 times then turn the sheet over and score again a few times but a little harder this time, this should stop the card from splitting.

So now I have my main pop up box, backing paper stuck on the inside, all cut out and scored so I used strong double sided tape to hold it in place.

The 2 pieces of card that are used inside the box to hold decorations in place was also attached using strong tape.

Next I added the printed panels to the flaps of the box, I used normal double sided tape for this as these panels are for decoration not support.

There were just 2 pieces of decoration, both flowers so I stuck them to card the cut them both out. Before sticking inside the box I added a blob of pva to the centre of the flower and covered with cerise glitter. The next flower had the same treatment but with gold glitter.

While they were drying I cut out the 3 sentiment tags that were part of the kit, they had been backed onto card, I punched a hole in them all and added a dark red eyelet then slotted a length of pink and white butchers twine through the tags, I then punched a hole in the back panel, top left corner and tied the twine through it.

The glitter was dry on the flowers so I added strong tape across the bottom of each and stuck then to the supports I added earlier.

I also printed the envelope which I made up to send the card in – but had no actual postage stamps so had to use my online account and print off the address label and postage – doesn’t half spoil a pretty envelope, but it got there and the box was in tact so job done!

Happy Birthday Caz and my good friend Katie
More from me tomorrow


  1. beautiful card Angie Caz will love it

  2. beautiful card Angie Caz will love it