Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday - What a day...

Firstly I must apologise for missing out yesterday - good intentions and all that...so I will fill you in with Monday first!

I arrived at the coach station with plenty of time to spare - the coach came in and left at 7.10am...

I knew we had a long journey ahead but didn't realise we would make stops at Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby & Leicester - unsure which order but Leicester was the ONLY place we picked up passengers - so Hull to Leicester just 5 passengers then it filled up leaving just a few spare seats - call me stubborn but I didn't offer to move my bags from the seat next to me!

Arrived at Birmingham station and H A T E D it there - felt insecure and uncomfortable - we had got in 15 mins early which meant I had 70 minutes waiting for my connecting coach - and what a nightmare that was - a new driver who didn't know the route so had a co driver but they talked and missed almost every turn which meant I was around 25 mins late meeting Jae...

Once at Jae's house it was great meeting her hubby Stu, daughter Charlotte and son Joe, everyone made me so welcome - and I have to say I settled in and felt at home from walking through the door!

Had a wonderful meal then Jae's sister Dor came round and we had a catch up, again I felt I had known Dor for always!!

Jae & I spent all evening in the craft room, catching up as well r Girls having a play with the hoards of stuff Jae has in her mega tidy and organised craft room....We then went down for an hour and finally went up to bed around 1am - knackered!!


Got up bright and early after a good nights sleep! Jae did the B I G G E S T  brekkie which I did eat but it filled me for the entire day!

We went over to the Glitter Girls place this morning - it was a lovely place and I'm not sure why but the lady serving decided we could have some discounted prices - so we shopped like it was going out of fashion - after over an hour in there we headed to the pub!!! When I say we its Jae, Dor her son Luke and me....it was a lovely few hours having a great laugh - but I cant understand that accent of theirs!!!

This afty we have crafted again and after tea went across to Dor's for a cuppa....

I have had a wonderful day again....

Tomorrow we have lots of things to do - but that will be revealed tomorrow night!



  1. Great time it sounds
    glad all is going so brill looking forward to the next installments
    have fun but dont over do it have lots of rest too

  2. Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time and look forward to hearing and seeing what you are both up to.