Friday, 20 April 2012

Another for Debbees Challenge


As I sent out the sheets for the Debbees challenge to all my class I said I would upload them on my blog

And this is one that NICKY kindly made...

Nicky is a new card maker – she started coming to class late summer last year and had never made a card

But she listened to what she was told to do and has come a long way....she is now happily putting a card together at home!

So when she said she would again do the challenge but it would be late coming to me – she had the sheets Tuesday and made her card yesterday then brought it to me at teatime today, I was really looking forward to seeing what she had made

And she hasn't disappointed me – I am so pleased with the card, I wish I could get a photo showing just how neat and well put together this card is....

Nicky did say she hadnt added a sentiment and that if I felt it needed one to add it....well personally I think its super as it is!

I know she added she thinks this would be ideal as a get well card....and yes I think she could be right!

Thanks for looking.....

See you tomorrow



  1. I love the little umbrellas!!

  2. Well done to Nicky on making such a lovely card!
    Jocelyn x
    Debbees CD's DT