Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cross Stitched Poppies

I'm sorry friends but this is going to have to be a quick entry as I am really running behind now!

I have to be up around 5am in order to be ready for the off for my coach – I still have to find a few things, get phone etc on charge, sort out a bag and so much more...wishing now I hadn't been tempted into watching something that really could have been recorded for another day!

So todays offering is a small piece of cross stitch I started a week or two ago – I only worked on it in the evening, mainly to stop me falling to sleep while watching tv...

It was a kit I bought when we visited a garden centre – they had 3 or 4 floral cross stitch kits for sale – one was marked down to £2 so I asked if the others would be the same price – as we had Uluka with us the owner said he would let me have all the kits for £2 if we would let him have a photo of him with the bird – what a deal eh?

I finally got it finished last night – it needed to be washed and ironed then I will get it framed....

Another reason I wanted to do something so small – its 4.5” square – is I wanted to get back into cross stitching but didn’t want to spend a fortune then find I wasn't interested enough to do it – I am pleased to say I do have the interest and have now bought everything needed for a wonderful Barn Owl in the sunset kit – its a huge project but I'm in no rush to finish it!

So now I will leave you with the photographs – what do you think?

And dont forget – I wont be sharing card projects for a few days due to my break with good friend Jae


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