Saturday, 14 April 2012

Craft Demo Day

Good Evening Friends....

I am struggling to get back to normal life after my recent break... I am a bit of a loner really but after spending 4 days surrounded by lovely people I am finding it hard getting back to spending more time on my own....I know I have hubby Pete but he isn't interested in crafting hence saying time on my own!

Today there was a craft demo day at the new garden centre so had to go for a nosey - went on my own – Pete dropped me off and said he would collect me as soon as I was ready

The table was set in a corner with just 4 or 5 seats – all taken – so I stood and watched for a while, had a walk about – stood some more – another walk about until I was finally asked if I was ok and had to say that since my knee replacement and hip problems I cant stand for more than a few mins – well they found me a chair not that it helped as there really wasn't the room for more...

As for the demo day – well I stayed an hour and was glad to leave – she was working from kits – she had a demo card to follow – all her card and paper was cut to exact size and all decoupage was die cut – so not really crafting is it!

Having said that, she did a demo using the new rubber stamp collection from Michael Powell, the card was all in black and white so she stamped using clear ink onto matt black card then heat embossed using white embossing powder – it was great for those of us who don't manage to get the best results with colouring... I was tempted enough to actually buy a couple of the stamps so tomorrow I will have a play and share my results with you!

I also bought a couple of other stamps that just jumped out at me – they were bargains really and I just know I will use and enjoy them...

While I was at Jae's we played with all manner of new stuff and one of the things was some gold and silver card that I honestly thought went through the printer – wrong!! It is something you stamp onto using clear ink like Versamark, then cover with clear embossing powder and heat it up – the end result makes your stamped image look just like a charm! We tried it out with a pair of scissors rubber stamp from IndigoBlu and it was fantastic!

So I have had a quick play myself and its something else I will share with you as I think it has to be seen to appreciate it!

And gilding flakes – I must say if you have never used these – you don’t know what you are missing!

Jae & I used them on some sticky shape peel off’s we bought when we went to the Glitter Girls shop – the result was a WOW... then Jae tried it with a normal peel off picture – again it worked great.... as well as that you can use the flakes on double sided tape, or use a quickie glue pen – or better still – invest in some of the IndigoBlu Flitter Glue – designed just for your gilding flakes!

So there you have it – I have dangled a few of my thoughts and idea's for today – so will try get the samples and photo's of them all sorted for tomorrow

Sorry its short and not so exciting but feel pretty rough just now...

Tomorrow then...


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