Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flower Soft - What to do with it!

Hello everyone!

I am sharing a couple of ideas on what to do with your flower soft!
This came about when a friend asked just what I did with it!

I think its something that we don't really use as often as we should – maybe that is because when we see it used on Craft programs its always to make up the pretty bouquets for the front of cards...

Well as nice as they may be – I just cant be bothered to make them – far too fiddly!

But I do use flower soft in other ways with my card making and scrap booking...

Just remember to actually put your flower soft into a large container – many people use the chinese trays which have lids as they are cheap to buy, stack on top of each other and you can clearly see in them!!!

Here are a few very simple ideas!

A border... simply use double sided tape – a width to suit the project – place along the edge, remove the backing tape, sprinkle with flower soft, press it down firmly into the tape, then tap the card into your tidy tray so you save all the bits – I then use a fluffy make up brush to brush over that border which removes the excess flower soft!

To Stamp.... I used my flitter glu by IndigoBlu to ink up my stamp and then stamped to my card – I sprinkled plenty of flower soft all over the design, then pressed it to the design lightly so as to cover all the glued area – when I was happy it was all covered I tapped off the excess. This was just a basic idea – you could actually stamp the design as I have then fill in the areas with different coloured flower soft for something totally different!

To highlight.... I stamped out 3 identical flowers and on the 1st I used PVA glue to cover the whole of the flower centre and covered with flower soft, pressed it down and removed excess, the centre flower doesn't show too well on the pic but I used the pva on the dots in the centre of the flower and covered with flower soft! The 3rd flower I just highlighted parts of the leaves and covered with the flower soft – all 3 flowers look totally different don't they?

For text – I stamped Happy Birthday twice – the top one I used a Sakura quickie glue pen to highlight the text and then covered with flower soft – after a few moments I brushed away the excess. The bottom one I just highlighted the H & B and coloured in the solid parts of letters with the quickie glue pen then covered with the flower soft!

And my final example for today is to use to create grass – I stamped these flowers in a row, added a single dot of PVA to the centres then a heavy swirl of PVA to represent the grass – covered with thick clumps of flower soft, pressed well into the glue then gently brushed away the excess....

So you see, flower soft is great for your card making projects – and why not go a step further – add a small scoop of glitter to your flower soft so you have a lovely glittery look every time you use it!

Create your own unique colours – just as I have in the examples shown – I keep a bag with the flowersoft so all the excess that falls off to my workspace gets scoped into the bag – I use it for trying new ideas as well as adding it to my projects!!

Would love to see just what you do with yours!!!

See you next time....x

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