Friday, 27 April 2012

A shining example!

Apologises to you all for been on so late today!

Lets blame my hubby Pete – he decided we were having a treat today – a yummy Indian take away....believe me if you saw the meal deal you would understand why I'm so late!

Better just add I will be giving my weekly weigh in a miss tomorrow morning I think....

To the card!

I was sent an email with an idea for a card – thanks Jae – so had it in mind that I was going to try that card out myself today!

Things didn't go quite to plan really – I hadn't known we were having a few hours out – but I did enjoy it so no problems! It just meant I had less time to play that first expected!

I folded a sheet of white A4 card to create my A5 card blank...and used a pretty scroll effect rollergraph stamp – if you want to know more check out this website...

That link should take you straight to the rollergraph items

Instead of using an ink pad or versamark ink pad I used FlitterGlu by IndigoBlu. This is a specially formulated adhesive to use with Gilding Flakes...

So following the instructions of using half a teaspoon of glue I then used my phat foam – this is the Cut & Dry foam I use for shading when I use ink pads – so I loaded the phat foam with glue then scraped most of it back off again, rubbed the phat foam all over the rollergraph stamp then positioned the rollergraph at the top of my card about 3cms from the left edge and pulled it down the card.

Next was the fun bit – I rubbed the stamped area with Copper Thunder Gilding Flakes and when I was happy it was all covered I rubbed the excess away with the Scoochy sponge – I was left with a lovely foiled border...

I used the phat foam and FlitterGlu again but this time I used a sentiment stamp by the Glitter Girls – I stamped direct to the card but had too much glue on so it was very messy – rather than waste the card I re-stamped onto a scrap of white card – covered with the same gilding flakes and after rubbing off the excess matted it onto a piece of pretty gold card which I then stuck to the card blank.

After that I used the foam and glue to stamp an lovely Inkylicious butterfly onto a piece of Clearly For Art modelling film – this looks for all the world like thick acetate – but you heat it and mould to how you want it , once it cools it sets – if you make a mistake simply re-heat and start again

So I stamped a butterfly and covered with gilding flakes – after it was rubbed down I cut it out and heated until I could mould the wings a little! Its great stuff and I will have to play again to see just what I can do with this!

So that was my playing for today – yes the card looks messy – it has sections when it wasn't stamped correctly so not enough gilding flakes – and other areas where I had too much glue which has transferred to the card – but I really don't mind as this really was just a sample piece!

Its been such a long time since I have had as much time as I want to actually sit and play with my goodies!

Who knows what I might have to share tomorrow...



  1. Thanks for showing us a great new technique....well new to me that is lol Can you tell me name of your rollergraph stamp please I would love one the same.Thanks Angie love this blog xx