Friday, 23 November 2012

Stretch Fairy

Hi there

Today I thought I would share a fab cascade or stretch card that we did in class this week

The initial mechanism for it needs to be measured and scored carefully or the card will not stand correctly...

You can see from the photos that I have used white card for the stretch card itself then matted and layered the sections with a lovely pearly vellum and then a beautiful paper that was taken from Debbi Moore's lovely new cd Winter Moments – the images may not be to everyone's taste but the backing papers are stunner's and I will certainly use these time and again and not just for christmas cards!

The image is another of the Lily of the Valley mini masterpieces

Rather than go through the what I used and how I did it I am just going to copy and paste the sheet I included with the kit...if anyone fancies having a go its easy enough to make up or I will make up a kit which will cost £1 and then any postage on top – with the money going to charity as always!! Just state which colour you want and I will sort the, green, blue, black & white etc!

Cut both sheets white card to measure 27 x 17 cms

Sheet 1 – measure 8.5cm up from bottom right hand corner then draw a line from that mark to top left corner – cut on this line and discard the top part.

Draw lines at 9 & 18 cm to give 3 9cm sections

Next mark left edge at 8.5 and right edge at 4.25 cm 0 draw a light line across

Now put a mark in the 1st & 3rd panels at 4.5 cm and CUT line UP to the centre – in panel 2 mark top edge at 4.5cms and CUT line DOWN to the centre.

You need to repeat for the 2nd sheet white card but reverse all markings.

Cut image to measure 8cm down and 7cm across

Mirri card 8.5cm down and 7.5cm across

Blue patterned card to 9cm down and 8cm across.

Cut the insert to approx 8cm across and 14cm down

Aqua card to 8.5cm across and 15cm down

The larger navy card is for punching 6 snowflakes and the other navy is for 3 or 4 of the other.


Right then thats it for tonight – I have cut it short as I am making handbag charms and a few mobile phone charms!!!

Back tomorrow – will you join me?



  1. Ooooo this looks tricky but I'm going to give it go. I love a challenge and something different. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. Yeh!!! I've done it!!! Well the mechanism taht is lol not completed the card yet. What a challenge. Thanks Angie great instructions xxx