Friday, 16 November 2012

Calendar Cubes

Evening everyone

Today I am sharing something that can be used at home or given as a gift

What grandad could resist this!

Its a cube calendar which I bought in kit form from

The kit has just 3 pieces to print and is easy to put together – but a word of warning – check then double check the box is lined up perfectly before you secure it – or you get an over hang just like I did on one of them! I did try prizing it open but it would have ripped the card and as it was only a trial I decided to leave it and learn from the mistake for the next one!

So after printing the sheet I roughly cut out all the pieces and decided which needed to be stuck to a sheet of card, they were stuck using Crafters Companion Stick & Stay

Once that was out the way – that spray is a devil to get off if it gets on your hands or fingers I cut the pieces properly

I have to admit here that I needed help to put it together – hubby & I tried for some time to fathom out where one long but narrow strip that was half patterned and half white went – in the end hubby decided it was to folded in half and stuck behind the easel – I did as he suggested but don't thing its right!

There were no instructions as such just a pic of the finished design but that didn't really help us...

In the end we had to go with his way as at least that way we got the basic shape – the cubes could go on – but – and its a big but – where does the little boxed shelf go with the months of the year in?

It is clearly printed on the back to the right of the fisherman but if you attach the shelf there you cant get the cubes on the stand

So we moved it to the top so it looks as though its resting on top of the cubes and left it there!!!

Even though I know its not right I still like the cube calendar – just wish it had an alarm to remind me to change the date every day....don't know what I expected with a kit for just over a £1...

Thanks for dropping by – see you tomorrow I hope


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  1. Wow what amazing card you made there
    it look like it took some time to do but it brill love it you clever lady you hope you well hugs linda