Thursday, 8 November 2012

3 cards today!!!


I had a bit of a printing session this morning

I have just got Bobbin The Bear does Christmas cds by Debbi Moore and as soon as I saw the sheets that was it!!!

So I printed 5 or 6 of the beautiful backing papers, a couple of the decoupage sheets and then 4 or 5 of the design sheets.

I took them with me to class and had all the ladies saying they wanted the cd now they have seen the kind of artwork..

I actually made up 3 cards in the class – we are there for just 2 hours on Thursdays but by the time we are al in and sat down its 15 mins gone – then after making the drinks that another 15 minutes which brings it down to around 1 ½ hours.

As I said I made 3 cards – they are all shown here today too...I know they are very basic but as we have new people there its good to do different shapes of cards as they think all you can do is straight forward fold the card in half – or the standard easel

So for the RED card I folded the A4 card in half making and a5 card, then I made a score line that ran from the top left corner to approx 6.5cm up from the bottom right corner – I then folded the flap back and used double sided tape to secure it.

The backing paper was ideal for this card as it was like patchwork panels which worked with the shape of card.

The image was stuck to card then cut out as it would have flopped without it.

The BLUE card was so easy – fold the A4 card in half to give the A5 card blank, cut a piece of backing paper to fit the front leaving a narrow border all round then added the decoupaged panel to the right hand side which showed off the button decoration down the left side

And finally the LILAC card – this time I folded the A4 card in half and the folded the front in half again, I stuck this down to give a shortfall card.

I covered the inside of the card with the snowflake design on the backing paper sheet then the remainder of that sheet was used t cover the shortfall front, I left border at the top and bottom and then took the paper to the back of the card and stuck it down.

I matted the image onto black card stock and cut it out, this was then stuck centrally on the front – which means it was only stuck with double sided tape at the left of the image.

To decorate the cards I used Cosmic Shimmer PVA on the fur bits around hats and coats as well as pompoms then covered the glue with Frantage Shaved Ice flakes and heated them up so the shrivel up and go puffy looking.

Finally I sprayed all the toppers with Crafters Companion glitter spray – although it looks good on the cards the camera really doesn't like it so gives a bad pic every time – sorry!

Enjoy the cards and see you next time..


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