Wednesday, 28 November 2012



What a day!!!

If it could go wrong it went wrong

Dropped tubs of tiny pearls last night – again – so around 4000 covered the floor

Dropped bottle of glitter today – looked pretty!

Sprayed a lovely decoration for a card with glitter spray – had it on my lap – trousers look funky...

Neighbour frightened the birds with throwing things around so the newest arrival Guyus the Red Tail Hawk pulled so hard he broke his tether – Pete and Steve spent around 7 hours watching him – looks as though he had killed and eaten as he isn't interested in food so they called it a day around 10pm but will be back again first light and hope he hasn't moved and will be hungry again..

The same neighbour lit a fire and it was the thickest black smelly smoke so I charged out to move the birds indoors ranting and raving – swearing and he just said sorry I will put the fire out – and he did...but Uluka the Bengal Owl really doesn't like me – or me her so when I tried to bring her indoors she was hell bent on getting me – I got half way down the garden and gave up – she is fine!

Then to cap it all I knocked the bottle of blue ink over as I was filling the printer up – so have a blue patterned chair and carpet!

But I have done 3 special cards and finished off another

Did a lovely baby card for neighbours who became proud grandparents at 10am this morning

Then finished off a special 60th card and made the envelope – will share it another day

Then it was 2 cards for my dear friend Ann

Have to say when she gave me the order I was stuck...

Bollywood for one and big dog for another!!!!

So after satting scratching my head I came up with this card as the Bollywood – I was told in particular it was the actor who played Khan in the brilliant movie My Name Is Khan

His name is Shah Rukh Khan

Ann also asked if it would be possible to add Linda and family somewhere so I got that on the card front too

You can clearly see – from the poor photos (sorry, one day I will get to grips with the camera settings) how I made the card...

That's the lot for today – before anything else goes wrong lol

Next time will be better – I hope

See ya


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