Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Its snowing....


Taking a short cut here as I am sharing another card from the same set...so using mostly the same text!!

I recently bought a set of kits from www.cardmakingworld.com they were all christmas themed and ideal for any age group

The kit contains the card front, 2 pieces for the insert, the decoupage or pyramage sheet, 2 sheets to create a matching envelope and even 2 sheets to make a matching box – as I said I had a set of 10 kits and paid just £5 – now that's the REAL DEAL lol

So materials for this card I used ….

Heat mat to work on and protect your surface – I always use it...

A4 black card stock

Card front sheet, decoupage sheet and the insert sheet

Glamour dust

Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue

Double sided tape

Sticky pads

Eazi Score Board & tool

Tonic 8” guillotine



Shaping tool from www.dimensionstamps.com

Foam shaping mat – stamping mat or even a mouse mat

To make the card ...

I folded the black card using line 7 of the eazi score board then spun the card around and scored again, this extra scored piece was then cut off to create the 6x6 card blank.

After cutting the elements from the decoupage sheet I used double sided tape to attach the main design to the card blank.

The way the decoupage or is it pyramage is done on these kits is very different to any I have done before.

As I cut out the pieces I added the number to the reverse – this is because I think it would be easier knowing which piece to use next.

The pieces on this kit are round – there are the main image then 5 circles which are all the same size

So the idea is to glue the base backing paper to the card blank with double sided tape, then add the ribbon strip across the centre, left to right using double sided tape.

After that the fine stripped panel of paper was attached to the left side of the card and finally the main image is adhered across the card.

I chose my sentiment from the 4 or 5 on offer and matted it to a piece of the black card I cut off to make up my card blank – the sentiment was then stuck on the main image panel at the left side with double sided pads.

Now its time to build the decoupage this time I used double sided tape on the back of all 5 circles – the main design was printed on the panel so I used circle 1 and lined it up with the image – the number 2 and so on till all 5 pieces had been put in place.

I have glittered up the card and think it looks great...and of course its all flat so can be posted on the normal stamp saving money!

Lastly was the insert – it is 2 separate pieces, I used a rubber stamp sentiment and a silver metallic ink pad!

As I said earlier I'm not really sure how I should describe the card – its like a pyramage but also like a twisted pyramage – but then it doesn't build up – it builds around the main image

All in all its a very clever design

So easy to do

I love the cards and have now made up 4 or 5 of them...

Hope you like it too.

Until the next card then....


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