Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Seasons of Joy


Something a little different and full of sparkle which is just the thing when it comes to christmas cards don't you think?

I went to the Ross Papercraft show here in Hull a few weeks ago and I was really drawn to the beautiful designs in the christmas set of Dreamweaver stencils.

So I bought the Seasons of Joy – they are not cheap – this was £11.50 but well worth it with results like this!!!

So materials for this card I used ….

Heat mat to work on and protect your surface – I always use it...

Red 5x7 card blank

Black glossy card

Dreamweaver Stencil – Season Of Joy

Sparkle Medium is Diamond, Gold Shine, Pastel Green, Metallic Sparkle and Antique Bronze

Palette knife

Low Tac Masking Tape

Black christmas ribbon

Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue

Double sided tape

Sticky pads

Eazi Score Board & tool

Tonic 8” guillotine



Shaping tool from www.dimensionstamps.com

Foam shaping mat – stamping mat or even a mouse mat

To make the card ...

The red 5x7 card blank was folded and then had the crease sharpened

I tore 4 long strips of low tac masking tape and stuck them to my clothes then pulled them off as I needed them to secure the stencil to the black glossy card

Using the palette knife I started at the top so used the Diamond to cover the wording then carefully scrapped off the excess back into the pot..

I continued this way working down the card with different colours making sure I didn't run one colour into another which wouldn't work – I know in some places two colours did work together well.

Once I had covered all the gaps with sparkle medium I carefully removed the masking tape in the following order – bottom piece first, then a side followed by the other side and this left just the top – using the palette knife I gently lifted the stencil from the bottom which allowed me to check everything was ok before removing it completely.

The black card was then put to one side to completely dry – I left it overnight.

If you use the Sparkle Medium and stencils you must remember to wash them soon after use with warm soapy water.

When the black card was dry I trimmed the edges with a deckle edged blade in the cutter then added double sided tape to the back

I removed the backing from the tape and secured the panel to my red card blank leaving a narrow border at the top and both sides

Using some of the black printed ribbon I tied a neat bow and cut the ends to a V.

A strip of double sided tape was placed on the bottom of the card and backing removed – I then put the bow in the middle and the tails were stuck outwards.

I enjoyed making this card – its something that's pretty quick and easy to do but looks great when dry and made into a card – it can be done with any stencil – and I can see myself making plenty of these and trying out new stencils and the new pots of sparkle too!!!

See you next time....


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