Sunday, 11 November 2012

Crafty Goodies

Hi there

Although I have lots of yummy cards to share I decided they could wait

Instead I am sharing some super crafty items that have been made by me and one of my daughters Vicky

The first things is a fab felt bag – I bought 2 of these a few weeks ago – I sent one to my good friend Ann as she likes quirky things

I had decided to make this on Friday evening – mainly because I need something to do in the evenings or I fall asleep

There wasn't much in the way of instructions with the kit so off I went with needle and thread – all the dark blue stitching on the front – but wait – why have I stitched round the monster when it has a panel to go over it and be stuffed – mistake no 1

So the panel is done, the monster stuffed with Kapok filling so I add the antennas with lovely stand out white thread – opps – the so called antennas were in fact arms – mistake no 2

So I thought righty oh – this is something unique to me and carried on adding bits here and there

Finally got it all finished this morning when I added the eyes and buttons...

Layton loved it and said he was taking it home which I said was ok but oddly enough the bag somehow managed to get put up on the top shelf – wonder how that happened! Mmmmm....

And on to the next projects – these came about because I showed Vicky a card front I made last night using a Dreamweaver stencil and pots of Sparkle Medium

So to start with I got out 2 heart shaped photo holders that were in natural wood colour – Vicky painted them both sides and the base using Funky Colours Metallic Effect emulsion paint the colour is a wonderful pink called Luscious although the photos make the hearts look more orange or red - look at the base for an idea of real colour

After they had dried Vicky attached a small Dreamweaver butterfly stencil to the heart using low tack tape – she then used a palette knife and Diamond Sparkle Medium, she spread the glitter all over the stencil then using the edge of the palette knife she scraped off the excess – gently removed all the low tack tape and the butterfly stencil to reveal a really pretty design

That was it she got more creative and this time used a large stencil of flowers with leaves – she masked off an area of the stencil and did the same as with the butterfly – I have to say I was doubtful it would work but she proved me wrong

I think the heart photo holders look amazing – wish I had bought more when I saw them as these were a 2 pack for £1.89 and would make super little gifts
The last of the crafty bits were some chipboard butterflies and dragonflies – I poured a little pva glue onto my heat mat then sprayed with water, mixed it with a paint brush then painted the chipboard one at a time – as it was glued up I covered with Debbi Moore coloured glitters – they have glitter on both sides and when left to dry the excess glitter is shaken off but it leaves a fantastic coating of super thick glitter in colours to match your project!!!
The pack of mixed bug chipboard were under £2 for around 50 pieces!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the different crafty bits today

See you all tomorrow then


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