Monday, 2 July 2012

Tawit Tawoo


This card is one I made up a few weeks ago but for some reason didn't get around to sharing with you all

It was bought as a mega bundle from somewhere online but sadly I cant think where – I just know it was a £5 deal and there were around 10 – 12 kits in it

Naturally I chose an owl kit to start with – the kit is actually called

Tawit Tawoo Gatefold Envy Kit

The kit consists of 4 main sheets, a backing paper and 2 sheets for the envelope!

The insert sheet comes with or without a printed verse

So after printing all the sheets I stuck main card sheet and the envelope flap sheet direct to aqua card stock using Crafters Companion Stick & Stay, added a sheet of backing paper to the reverse of the card stock then cut them all out.

The pieces were all marked out with score and fold lines so once that was done I was ready to create the card

The instructions were not too clear – as in score and fold all score lines then stick a to b and c to d etc

It soon became clear how it was made up and it all went together so easily

The only thing I wasn't to happy with – and I may try sort out a different way to do this when I do another – was the envelope flap which tends to stick up and out rather than down and flat or maybe its supposed to be like that???

Anyway – this is the finished card minus any extra embellishment – I am working from the photographs as the card is in the other room among dozens of other hand made cards and I'm too lazy to go in search of it!!!

Catch up tomorrow then?


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  1. Looks good!!
    Will we see it with embellishments??