Saturday, 7 July 2012

Forever Friends & Sisters!

Evening friends....

I was moaning yesterday about the constant rain then today it was lovely...

I took myself out into the garden with my Kindle at lunchtime and stayed there until around 3.30pm and then only came in as we had arranged to take the girls and Layton to Scarborough for a fish n chip supper

It was bright blue sky and sunshine as we left Hull around 4.40pm and by the time we were at Bridlington it was quite chilly but as we were driving through it didn't matter – but then once we nearer Filey it was a pea souper Scarborough it was cold, damp and hard to see much in front of us – still didn't stop us all having a walk along the beach and paddle in the sea – it was surprising just how many people were doing the same!

We had fish & chips and a famous chocolate whipped ice cream in chocolate waffle – yum yum!!!! Not good for the healthy eating though!!

I did start on a card earlier today but that's as far as it got so I thought I would share a fab card that I was given as I left my good friend Jae's after my stay there just after Easter this year.

The card and gift were given to me by Dor – Jae's lovely sister – to welcome me as a sister – have to say it was a very emotion day!

The card is still standing proudly on my craft room window sill and I wear the bracelet when I am going anywhere – like tonight I had it on!

The card is a bright and cheerful reminder of my 4 days in their company – and I hear from both Jae & Dor almost daily!!

I will be sharing a card of my own tomorrow

Take care


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