Monday, 23 July 2012

21 Today

Evening everyone

Well its been a super hot day here again so naturally I made use of the sun – again!

At teatime we decided to give the dogs their dose of Frontline as I had heard there was a problem at the moment with fleas and that's one thing I don't want my dogs having...

For people who haven't used this stuff its just a small pipette of solution that has to be poured onto the skin between the dogs shoulder blades.

Pete & I do this together as Lurchers are big dogs and have so much hair its a hard job parting the hair enough to add the stuff as well as keeping the dogs still

It only takes us about 5 minutes to get all 3 dogs done so came in to thoroughly wash my hands and shock – horror – my nails!!!

I had acrylics put on around 3 months ago and I love them – but that stuff has dissolved the top coat of nail polish – not too bad then – until one nail just dropped off for no reason – then when I was searching for something I was so annoyed to find 2 other nails have chipped and broke – good job I have managed to get an appointment tomorrow to put them all right again – phew!!!

On to the card for today – you may recall I was asked to make 3 special cards for a 1 year old, 2 year old and 21 year old – I shared the 1st birthday card – it was the 4 cute pink elephants and hearts – well the card I have done here is for the 21st birthday

You might recall seeing this in the past – its the 3rd time I have made now and I just love the design

Its a Giant Easel Tableau kit rom and as with all these GET kits they are designed by Valerie Dawes – it is called quite simply – 21 Today

So I printed all the sheets and then roughly cut out the pieces I decided I wanted to stick to card stock for support – they were then sprayed with Crafters Companion Stick & Stay then secured to white card and cut out.

These kits all require a lot of cutting out so I did that over a few days as they can get boring when you have to cut out the same thing over and over again – for this card it was the small blue flowers.

When I came to make up the card I didn't have to stop and think about where pieces went – but one thing I have learned from doing all the GET cards – they are back heavy – so once its all made up the biggest piece at the back either won t stay stood up or it tips the whole card over.

To get around this I now add approx 1cm of Velcro – its a huge success and its only visible when you have to drop the card down to put in the envelope

As yet I haven't embellished the card or made up the envelope for this or the elephant card – as the cards aren't needed for another few weeks I thought it better to complete all 3 cards then decorate and make envelopes prior to them being collected.

That's your lot for today folks but see you tomorrow I hope


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  1. Lovely card Angie!!
    Good idea using Velcro!!
    Mx ;)