Wednesday, 11 July 2012

More Christmas Rockers


I woke this morning with a dreadful sore throat and throughout the day have developed a shocking headache as well as earache so have just lazed on the settee dozing on and off all day

I really had wanted to get something finished to share today but didn't feel up to it so in the end I adding the finishing touches to more of the lovely christmas rocker cards

Even that sounds all wrong cos I just sprayed 2 of the cards with Crafters Companion glitter spray, another I put a thin layer of PVA and then sprinkled with a pot of shredded something I bought last year – I have no idea what's happened to the label but all that can be read is shredded..

The last one I used pva and then sprinkled with glamour dust

All 4 cards had glossy accents added – a few still need gems and such to finish them off but I really couldn't be bothered sorry!

Hopefully a nights sleep will allow me to get up and be back to normal!

See you tomorrow


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  1. Love these cards, have started making them myself. Hope you feel better soon.