Friday, 6 July 2012

Another RAK challenge

Evening friends....

Well what do you make of this weather? We keep saying roll on summer – well we are into July and still no signs of it...I have heard we should expect a good September – time will tell!

I have something to share again today but its not a card

To start the story – I joined a facebook group a while ago and did what I say to myself time and again that I wont do – that is sign up for card challenges, swaps or RAKS – and guess what – I signed up for them all!!

This group do things differently – as in the sheets are picked out and you are told what you can and cant use which I think makes things much harder at times

And the July RAK was really hard for me – we were given a sheet, a backing paper and an insert which all had to be used

Well I am sure I am not on my own when I say I find it so hard to create something when I don't like the subject!!!

The sheet was called Poppy Fan Club – it was a shaped pyramid with a picture of the groups dog with a teddy in its mouth...

You all know I have 3 dogs – all Lurchers – so big dogs – so when I saw the sheet with a different breed I knew it was going to be a struggle

Add to that the members thought it was great and got creative from the word go....

I informed the group I would have to stay away until I managed to make something – people were talking about showing off their cards – and I knew if I saw any of them I would find it even harder to make something as I feel I would have had their images working in my head!

So during the week I moved things and tried this and that – spoke to some ladies at class and asked for their thoughts – still not much came to me

Then all of a sudden – something different – I just needed to reprint the sheets but smaller...

And today I sat and created my hanging!!!

I cut 3 pieces of heavy card to 10x10cm, then cut 3 pieces of patterned gold card to 9.5x9.5cm and matted it

The main sheet was printed twice at A5 size so it was still only 1 sheet of paper and the backing was printed with 4 to a sheet and insert 2 to a sheet.

I cut the shaped pyramids out and the base layer just needed a small amount cropping for it to fit the card – once in place I used large sticky pads to build the design.

On the other square I cropped the insert and matted it to a piece of patterned gold card then attached it to the main square panel!

I turned all 3 squares over and measured a length of brown spotted ribbon to form a loop at the top and then hang down and attach all 3 squares evenly with a small amount left over.

Broad double sided tape held the ribbon securely.

I found a sheet of orange card that had gold flecks embedded in it so that was cut into 3 9.5x9.5cm squares and attached to the back of the main squares securely

I cropped the last insert close to the oval and stuck it on the centre square at the back.

To finish I made a small neat bow of the brown spotty ribbon and attached it just above the insert on the front of the hanger and lastly added a dot of glossy accents to the nose of the dog!

I must just add here that the 4th photo down really looks like I am off with the pyramid but I have looked it this from the front and its lined up perfectly - the photo was taken looking up at it - I just know someone would say I hadnt lined up the layers correctly! Will try get another pic of it to show you....

All in all not bad even if I say so myself...

So go on – tell me – what do you think to it?

Till tomorrow then...


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  1. Really like this such a great idea. Shall be pinching the idea as a great little gift to make for the Grandkids to hang on their walls.