Sunday, 15 July 2012

1st Birthday


This is a beautiful card that I have made for a friend of my daughters – she asked for cards for a 1st, 2nd and 21st birthday all needed in August so I printed them all and this is the 1st birthday all made.

This was made from a kit I bought from craftsuprint, designed by Valerie Dawes called Pink Baby Elephant Ages 1 – 4 Fold Card and has 6 full pages of printing which is heavy on the Magenta inks but I think the card is well worth it...

When I was cutting out I found it got boring as I spent ages just cutting out flowers – singles, doubles, clumps, borders – I couldn't understand why so many until I made the card up.

So after printing I trimmed the excess from the main card sheets and then sprayed the back with Crafters Companion Stick and Stay and secured them to pastel pink sheets of card

As there was lots of score lines and some were not over clear I scored the lines before cutting the cards to size – was glad I did it that way when I came to make it up as I could have made a mess of it.

To create the huge card it was simply a case of stick the front edge of one sheet to the back edge of the other sheet!

As for the decoupage it all became clear when I saw the hearts outline on the panels – so the decoupage is added so the elephant can all be seen when the card is both open and closed up.

The flowers I found tedious to cut out were glued to suit over the whole card which was a lovely touch

Also before printing I added the child's name to a blank heart which I placed on the last page

A great card – and although it says for age 1 – 4 it would be so easy to leave the age heart off and use this for any age – I know lots of ladies who adore elephants so would treasure a card like this!!!

Would like to know what you think too please

See you tomorrow



  1. I just love the concertina effect of this card! And the way the elephants are visible over the edges. It would be suitable for any age, a cute card!

  2. Wow I like this one, would suit our young Grandson for his 1st birthday, but as previously said, could suit any age group. Seriously good card.

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