Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Naughty Owl!!!


I am sorry but there is no card at all today

Some of you that have a facebook account will have seen that we have had an horrendous day today thanks to Uluka the Bengal Eagle Owl!

This morning she was put out on her perch in the garden along with the other birds as they are every day

I was up in the craft room and heard such a commotion going on – looked out the window and was shocked to see dozens of crows and gulls swirling around above our house – the noise was deafening and actually brought people from their homes.

Suddenly hubby shouted that Uluka had escaped – seems he was alerted to the noise too – looked out and saw she wasn't on her perch.

He ran out back and I the front – she was sitting on a roof 4 doors away – so I instantly tried to call her – shouting her name and slapping my arm – I must have looked pretty silly but I just remembered watching Pete training her – he would hold a chick in his gloved hand and slap the glove to attract her.

I think Uluka was just so concerned by all the birds circling her it really was like something out of a movie!!!

At one stage there were around 6 people trying to coax her down – then without warning she just took flight...

Have to say it really was amazing to see her fly overhead – imagine a bird with a wingspan of 5+ feet and markings of a tiger passing over your head....just wish I had a camera with me at that moment....

And so the day continued – she escaped around 10am and Pete followed her all day – she only went 2 Garth's one way then a Garth back so no distance – but it was that she was so high up – at one stage this afternoon she was on the roof of a 3 storey building – it was a relief when she took flight again and made way to a new Garth and lower roof tops.

It was thanks to a Sky installer that she was eventually tracked down and caught – that was at around 7.30pm

So that is why there is no card – I just couldnt sit and settle into doing anything – I was up and down, in and out all day long!

Uluka is still a baby owl – think she is around 4 months old but only just training to fly and fly to food...

But alls well that ends well – we got her back – rather shaken up but otherwise ok – so she is safely locked in her box for a much needed good nights sleep

I promise – you will get a card of mine tomorrow – no excuses!!!

Thank you for being so patient with me


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